Geolocation of subscribers

Hey All! Kind of a beginner question here, but how can I send campaigns based on the user’s geolocation. I know I can find their geo-data in Automations --» Events log but can’t really use that as a trigger or a user attribute. What do I miss?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @mestitomi , thanks for posting on this community!

Not a beginner question, at all. I would say that if you have this in the event, you should be able to build an automation like this:

  • trigger: event happens
  • action: update a user attribute with the event parameters, like, or something similar? Have you already tried something like this?

Hi @ahudavert , thanks a lot for the quick reply.
Can you please elaborate? I attached a screenshot for clarity what kind of event I have (sensitive data removed). So I can’t really use this page event as a trigger in automations unfortunately. (Or I can’t find where to refer to it.)

(Note: the best would be to be able adding a custom attribute to the customer/user based on session_country from here.)


Hi @mestitomi ,

Indeed, you’re right: I checked on my side, and I though you would be able to use the page event to update a user’s attribute but it does not seem to be the case.

It is possible that we don’t allow it for security / confidentiality / GDPR reasons.

Oh, okay, thanks for the info!