Add LinkedIN integration to Conversation

This is an absolute must for vertually any business to connect using Linkedin
It is so so important. Linked in is a secret of real estate insurance financial word banking, venture capital, IT I mean this cant be overlooked

Hi @artmatuschat , thanks for posting on this community!

Could you please give us a little more details about your use case: what would you like to achieve exactly?

@qlambert will be interested in this thread as well I guess.

Hi Allexander, I simply want to be able to Message people on LinkedIn through Brevo and have their responses captured as well. It is an important way to communicate with prospective clients much more important for certain industries than Facebook.

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Hi @artmatuschat,

Thanks for your message. While we’ve added your suggestion to our user request list, integrating with LinkedIn isn’t in our current plans due to low demand. However, this could change in the future.

Guys Linked in is an absolute must for high ticket sale and many other business. I asure you you are missing the boat if you do not incorporate Linked In Especially considering that it would basically be another integration like FB
Seriously it is an awesome platform
No worries you guys are still great!!!

We keep LinkedIn integration in mind :wink:
Thanks for your message.