Brevo transactional emails (simple smtp relay) forces content type of text/html

I’m testing brevo transactional emails to send emails through my apps and treating it as an smtp relay. One of the issues I’m seeing is that the brevo smtp relay will convert my email from text/plain to html.
Is this configurable? Can I have brevo not make edits to the emails?

Hello @poningru , thanks for posting on this community!

We have just tested the smtp api v3 endpoint and this is the behavior:

  • when we send only htmlContent field, the content type is text/html with tracking pixel
  • when we send only textContent field, the content is text/html as well, the content is converted to HTML and it includes also the tracking pixel there
  • when we send both htmlContent and textContent , I see both text/html and text/plain content and the tracking pixel is correctly attached to the html part

So I don’t think there is a possibility to have text/plain only.

So that we understand it better: what is your exact use case here?

hi @ahudavert
thanks for the quick reply on this! We basically have some email clients that cant handle text/html. I can test both text/html and text/plain. How do I pick the third option there? I’m currently sending just text/plain.

You’re welcome!
In order to pick the third option you’d need to send both htmlContent and textContent parameters in your API call (more details in this article).

Did I get your question well?