How to change order of fields in contact creation screen?


I Need information on how I can change the order of fields on de contact creation screen, so that I can set the order for prioritizing most frequently filled fields.


Hi @Alf , thanks for posting on this community.

Indeed, I checked on my side as well, but I could not find any solutions. Maybe someone knows?

When I change the order on the « Costumize columns » it changes some fields but not all therefore " Create Contact" does not reflect exactly that order, if it did then it would be usable.

Also on another note, there are many tutorials but dispersed.
Is there any tutorial that teaches BREVO as it was idealized to be used (I’m sure I’m not using it that way but I would like to understand the logic used)
One gets lost amongst all the tutorials and would be usefull a guideline.

@Alf indeed, I confirm that for the moment it is unfortunately not possible to edit the order of the attributes inside the right modale

We have many ways to understand how Brevo works, depending on your needs: