Add support for Google reCaptcha v3

Hi there,

Any plans to add support for Google reCaptcha v3?

Many thanks!

Hi @capricorn , you’re talking about forms here, right?
By support, what do you mean exactly?

Yes, forms. Now if you try to use V3, captcha complains/breaks: ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key

The error is discussed here: reCAPTCHA:"ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key" - Stack Overflow

maybe @Mohit you know something about this topic?

Thank you for sharing your request. We will review it and consider adding it in the future.

Thanks @Mohit , please send me a note once/if implemented, so I can test :+1:

Google reCaptcha v3 is now available in subscription forms. Give it a try and share your feedback with us.


Wonderful thanks Mohit!

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