The transactional platform has not been activated

Hi, i’m trying to contact support team but no succes, i have some urgnt email that was queued on transactionnal. It say me that : The transactional platform has not been activated. Is there any option to activate it myself, all my forms are protected by capcha. I dont know i have this suspended status.


Hi @chabo , did you get a reply in the end?

Yes, I took some old tickets to get the quick reaction.

Ok perfect. And what was the issue: did you have to do something specific to activate the transactional platform?

I have more than 50 websites wich run under Brevo API for all forms, i used V3 capcha for all forms and need to switch it to V2 with the check box. :confused:

Ok I get it @chabo . So it is the same issue as this one: Add support for Google reCaptcha v3 , right?

If yes, from the thread I understand that it should be working, but it’s not the case on your end, can you confirm?

yes, it’s not my case, i use V3 and transactionnal blocked it, it treated the form submissions as a bot attack