Does the whatsapp transactional api still works? and if it does, where do i get the api key?

I wrote my code following this docs: Send a WhatsApp message
and i got the api from the brevo website smtp and api page, but when excuting i keep getting this error: {« code »: « permission_denied », « message »: « Your account is not registered »}

Hi @lee , thanks for posting on this community!

From what I understand from the error message, it seems this is an authentication problem. Have you tried another Brevo API, to test where the problem could come from?

hi, thanks for responding

i did try multiple new APIs yet still i got the same result

ok thanks. So I would say it’s an authentication problem. Is your account validated and your API key available?

If yes and it still does not work, I would advise to contact our support team:

Yes it is validated, okay i’ll do that