Unstable landing page form submission capture issue?

Hello there, trying to launch a webinar landing page registration tomorrow. First time using Brevo, all seems great until my test emails aren’t getting recorded! It seems like some come in after 10 to 15 minutes beyond the form fill, which kinda sucks because I want to send an instant confirmation. But other email addresses aren’t appearing at all. I checked my DNS and made sure that was correct but I cannot think of anything on my side that would cause this? Contacts do come in from custom domains, gmails and temp sites so I don’t think it’s on contact email domain side itself. I’ve put in a few support tickets throughout the day an no chat support? Any help would be much appreciated. #startuplife

Could you kindly provide me with the email address associated with your Brevo login and the name of the landing page? I would appreciate it if you could share this information with me through a private message.

Hello sorry I am new to this, is this a private message?

You can click on Mohit’s name or profile picture and you’ll see the option to send a PM.