Can i send and receive emails with brevo for customer support?

hello i am really confused rn.
I have shopify store and i wanna use brevo for customer support.
I bought a domain via namecheap and thats it.

So, do I just connect my domain and everything is fine?

somehow i got the impression, that brevo doesnt offer email hosting, and i need to buy an email hosting at namecheap or google and then connect it to brevo? is that true?

if yes, what email hosting can you guys recommend me?

or as i understand, i can only send emails, but not receive? i am really confused

Hi @bre , thanks for posting on this community!

Brevo is a marketing software which can help you do different things. You’re saying you would like to use it « for customer support Â», so you want to be able to gather the requests from your customers in one place and let your team members reply to them from one place, right?

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Hi, that’s correct.

All customer email shall arrive in Brevo. Also if customers reply to shopify’s emails, or to the newsletter that i send via brevo

Let me add @qlambert here, he’s following closely the use cases related to customer support, he might be able to help you

Hi @bre, thanks for your message. Today Brevo doses not offer email hosting, we only offer the option to connect your mailbox to Brevo Conversations and manage all your customers’ emails from there. You can connect mailboxes from any providers but we recommend Google or Microsoft mailboxes as it will be a proper connection to your mailbox.