Declare senders for transactional mails?

This may be a silly question:

Senders for marketing mails sent by campaigns have to be configured on Brevo.

How about senders for transactional mails form an external web app using SMTP? Is it also necessary to declare all of them on Brevo or can you just send along?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @svoop , thanks for posting on this community! It is not a silly question at all :+1:

From what I see:

I understand two things:

  • you have to add a sender from your Brevo account, manually
  • this process can take less time if your domain is verified

I am guessing that if the sender is not already validated, then the SMTP call won’t work.

Does this reply to your question?

@ahudavert Thanks for your reply. However, I’ve added this question to a running support ticket and the answer to it was the exact opposite: No, for transactional mails, the senders don’t have to be declared in the UI.

To make sure I tried it without declaring the senders and the mails are both delivered and look okay in terms of DMARC and friends, provided the domain is configured correctly on Brevo and the required DNS recs have been created.

Ok perfect then, thanks for the reply!