Sending transactional emails and the SendSmtpEmailSender is visible to recipients to see

I am using the SendTransacEmailAsync method to send emails. As I was instructed, I am using the email address associated with my subscription as the Email Sender. Unfortunately this email address is exposed to the recipients which creates a problem because I want the FROM email address to be the visible and usable email address.

My application is a subscription based product that uses Brevo to allow users to send emails to their members. Giving them access to the sender address is confusing.

Hi @pauldivaniii , thanks for posting on this community!

I am not sure to get it:

  • you use an email address as the Email sender, let’s say it’s
  • then you want the FROM to not be, is it what you mean?

I am not sure to get it, can you please provide more details?

Yes that is exactly what I mean. The SendGrid (now Brevo) team told me that my emails were getting blocked because I was not using the email associated with my account as the « sender » email. Then, I should set the « FROM » email and everything would work perfectly.

I’m okay doing this now since the test group using my app is the test group. However, what I’m finding is that the « SEND » email address is exposed to them and I keep getting emails from them on this email address.

I’m wanting to know if there is a way to keep this from happening or is there another solution that will guarantee my transactional emails will be delivered with a high degree of success.

Thanks for your reply.
I’m a bit confused: if you’re using let’s say as the sender, your recipients will necessarily see this address when they’ll receive your email, no?
What you can change is the « Reply to » address, so that if they click on « Reply » from your email, they will be able to change it but by default it will be the « Reply to » address.

PS: Sendgrid is a different company, our previous name was Sendinblue :+1:

That’s what I am doing so I guess approach moving forward is probably to use an address like as the sender email address to hopefully clarify that the send email is not to be used.

Didn’t mean to say SenGrid, I meant SendInBlue. Sorry about that.

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