What are Best Practices with Transactional email

Hello all,

my client (B2B) uses Bravo transactional email for all email communication - internal email communication, communication with clients, automated communication,…

This results in everyone appearing in Brevo contacts. Even irrelevant people like a lady from a post office.

I’m considering switching the newsletter sent-outs to a subdomain.
But not sure what do to with transactional email.

What are the best practices with this topic?

Thank you.

Thanks for posting on this community! I know @charlie_s you posted about transactional emails too, so maybe you have some ideas for @marek ?

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@ahudavert haven’t setup our transactional emails yet - still stuck at other places :slight_smile: Sorry!

Ok, let me try to help here.
@marek basically, your question is: should I move the transactional email to a subdomain, right?

What would be your goal: to ensure the subdomain stays with a high reputation score, so that deliverability is optimized?

If you could give a little bit more details about what you’re trying to achieve, that’d be great, so that I can try to help as precisely as I can. Thanks!

Thanks @ahudavert.

There are 2 possible problems I see:

  1. All company email communication is in transactional emails → this includes everyone. Most of the emails are just operational but end up in Brevo transactional emails, which adds irrelevant contacts to Brevo. Those emails then receive double opt-in for the newsletter (which is weird, when a woman in the post office gets this email).

  2. When the salesperson sends out cold emails to handpicked partners → I’m worried about the domain’s reputation.

  3. When the newsletter is sent out → I’m worried about domain reputation and thinking about setting up a subdomain. Is that possible to add a subdomain to the Brevo account?

What approach do you propose to these problems?

Thanks a lot.


Thanks @marek for these details. There two problems here, if I get you well:

  1. Contact management
    If you want to have an exact split between the contacts who will receive transactional emails and the others, I would recommend to create two Brevo accounts. This way, each account will manage its contacts

  2. Domain reputation
    Regarding reputation and subdomains: I am not sure to entirely get what you mean but:

  • if you want to add a sending email address, you can do it from your Brevo account
  • but the reputation of this sender will be included in the reputation of your Brevo account: if you have bad statistics with this email address, your whole account reputation will be impacted, irrespective of the sender

Reason for this is that we are not calculating the reputation per domain, but per account. As the majority of our customers are under shared IPs, we are closely monitoring each account’s performances so that one does not harm the others.

If you want to have a dedicated IP, it’s possible, see more details here: https://help.brevo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000240344-Setting-up-a-dedicated-IP-in-Brevo
But keep in mind this is not always easy to manage, you have to warm up your IP, so it’s not straightforward either.

Did I get your questions well?

This helps, thank you!