Unsubscribing from transactional and marketing emails

The current Brevo unsubscribe setup is problematic. Under the current system, you can’t fully utilize Brevo’s advanced automation features for marketing, despite people opting in. For example, I have subscribers who opt into my list, and I then enroll them in a transactional drip sequence, as defined by Brevo. However, if these subscribers choose to unsubscribe and I later send a monthly marketing campaign to all my list contacts, those who unsubscribed from the drip sequence (transactional per Brevo) still receive the campaign emails. This is a significant oversight. Right now the only safe thing for me to is to unsubscribe people from everything if they unsubscribe from anything.

Do other CRM systems manage subscriptions in this manner? It seems that a better solution might be to allow customers to specify their preferences: whether to unsubscribe from transactional or marketing emails. However, it’s generally unwise to permit unsubscribes from transactional emails, especially if they are paying customers. What does everyone think?

This is a major opportunity for Brevo to rethink this.

  1. Responded to your other thread. But also opened this thread: Header of Transactional Emails with no unsubscribe links are wrongly still "unsubscribable"

  2. And here is how the Brevo team suggested on how to deal with unsubscribes in campaigns: How to filter out recipients in campaigns that have unsubscribed to transactional emails?

I actually think that more flexibility in unsubscribes is better. And I like the current flexibility. That said, I think the workaround in 2) above is somewhat cumbersome and the issue in 1) is a massive big deal though that needs attention.

I’m actually massively confused about this way of handling the unsubscribing of emails. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

I guess, rethinking the whole model won’t be an option for Brevo. A « simple » solution in my opinion would be, to add an additional field where you can select what type of email it is. This way you could keep the Brevo model of handling unsubscribe and create powerful automations where you can choose what emails are marketing and those that are not.

This decision shouldn’t be made by the subscribers. They can choose between mailing lists (which are always marketing emails), but they shouldn’t decide between marketing or transactional. How should they even know which is what? This is not userfriendly at all.