Custom unsubscribe link for transactional and marketing emails?

Curious if there’s a way to customize the standard unsubscription button in the footer of emails. Right now if a user clicks it, they’re fully unsubscribed from everything.

When users double opt-in to our list they are subscribed to 2 lists, though - transactional emails & marketing emails. I need users to stay subscribed to transactional emails no matter what because they have an account on our site so anything account related (forgot password, other admin campaigns) needs to go through.

I only want to create a way for users to unsubscribe from our monthly newsletter content but I currently see no way to do this? If I create lists & automations, the only option is to blacklist the contact. I also don’t want to prevent them from ever subscribing to marketing emails in the future.

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Hi @rdav , thanks for your post. It reminds me of this discussion: How to unsubscribe from transactional email - #3 par christodeus

The way it is managed at Brevo is the following:

  • when a user clicks on an unsubscribe link from an marketing email template, she will be unsubscribed from all marketing emails, but from marketing emails only, she will still be subscribed to transactional emails

  • and similarly for transactional emails: if she clicks on « Unsubscribe » from a transactional email, she will still be subscribed from marketing emails

If you need to know more about the requirements about unsubcription, here they are:

Does this help?