How to send campaign (non-transactional) emails inside an automation?

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How to send campaign (non-transactional) emails inside an automation?

My current workflow:
*I have users leaving their emails on my website ahead of them receiving something in return (a free downloadable I they get after they confirm their email)
*Users then get a new email with instructions about what that free downloadable they got
*So far so good the emails above are transactional emails

But I then send automated emails on day 2/4/6 which are all marketing emails trying to persuade the user to buy a paid downloadable.

On these marketing emails I have unsubscribe links.

When debugging in Brevo now I saw these marketing emails are still seen as transactional emails by Brevo. So, when a user unsubscribes to these emails they are unsubscribing to « transactional emails », I even saw they are still subscribed to « campaign emails » but have self unsubscribed from transactional emails.

I don’t think this makes sense as in reality those emails I’ve created with an unsubscribe link sent via automation should actually be campaigns and the users themselves are definitely not expecting to have unsubscribed from transactional emails, they are unsubscribing from marketing.

So, how can I send campaign (non-transactional) emails inside an automation?

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Actually, here are the differences between marketing emails and transactional emails:

  • marketing emails: basically, they are campaigns: you send one email to N users, in one time

  • transactional emails: you send one email to one person.

More details on this article:

So, if the emails you send on day 2/4/6 are sent through an automation, they are considered by Brevo as transactional emails.
If you were to send them manually from a campaign, they would be considered as marketing emails.

Back to your use case, if you want to consider people who unsubscribe from these emails as being « marketing only » unbsubscribed, from my current knowledge you have no other choices than sending them through a campaign.

Thanks for the clarification, I’ll create new senders (email addresses to separate these unsubscribes from actual transactional emails then).
Thanks again

Bear in mind that unsubscribing is not related to the sender: one contact can unsubscribe let’s say from transactional emails, and in this case will not receive any transactional emails, irrespective of the sender.

Updated: actually, a contact is unsubscribed form a sender, see below

Interesting, the documentation seem to say something different: " Transactional emails have a different blocklisting behavior than other channels. By default, when a contact unsubscribes from your transactional emails, they are only blocked from the sender of this specific email . This means that they won’t receive any transactional emails from them anymore but can still receive t ransactional emails sent from another sender . This way, if a contact unsubscribes from a transactional email, they may still receive important notifications such as order confirmations or password reset."

I hope it works as per documentation :slight_smile: Since I find logic in unsubscribes being by sender and it enables my use case. Also, the implementation seem to be aligned with the documentation. And if so, I am all good :slight_smile:

Yes absolutely you’re right @patonbrevo , I missed that in my explanations, I’ll update my comment above. Thanks for that!