How to filter out recipients in campaigns that have unsubscribed to transactional emails?

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How to filter out recipients in campaigns that have unsubscribed to transactional emails?

Case: I have several automations in place, some kick-off with a user download, others kick-off with user payment. Some emails sent by the automations are truly transactional, like the one that follows a purchase. Other emails sent by the automation are part of a marketing funnel, they come in sequence and in these I have unsubscribe links.

Here is the issue: Now I am at the stage of sending actual campaigns (one-to-many) and some of my recipients have previously unsubscribed to my marketing-funnel-transactional-emails. I do not want to send a campaign to these recipients as I don’t think that is correct, they have already made up their mind and made it clear they wanted to unsubscribe from my emails. I however can’t do that in campaigns, I can’t filter them out.

I also tried to find an alternative solution to stop it happening in the future by sending the recipients in my marketing funnel a campaign instead of a transactional email with an unsubscribe link, but I can’t send campaigns inside automations.

So, how do I protect the wishes of my recipients in this case? How do I filter out the (transactional) unsubscribes out of campaigns?

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I’ve encountered this issue as well. A potential solution could be for the Brevo team to introduce a new feature that enables us to filter recipients based on this specific condition:

If a contact has unsubscribed from the same transactional email sender that is used for campaign emails, they could be filtered out from the campaign segment.

Any tips on how to solve this issue?

Hi @patonbrevo , thanks for your message!
We’re currently exploring the possibility to add a filter in the unsubscription events, so that you could filter where the unsubscription came from, be it from marketing campaigns or transactional emails.

For the moment the only filter you see is « Email campaign », like here:

But we’re tying to see if we could add something like « Transactional email », and if yes, when we could do it, if it’s a matter of weeks, months, etc…

Thanks for reverting.
Looking forward to updates on this, I really do feel sending campaigns to recipients who had already unsubscribed to transactional emails may lead these recipients to move their clicks towards the « report spam » button. And that would be a very sad ending.

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