How to unsubscribe from transactional email


I have created an unsubscribe form, added it in the signature but when a user click on it, it acts as he is only unsubscribe to campaign but not transactional email. How to make it also unsubsctibe from transcational email?

Hi @christodeus , thanks for your message. What is your goal: would you like people to be able to choose to which communications they subscribe to, be it marketing communications or transactional email?

I’m asking to be sure we get it well. Thanks!

I send email to people who did not subscribe to anything. It’s only prospecting email to mainly but following e-privacy law, I have to insert an opt-out in these emails. So mainly I don’t have list, I send these email one by one. And I would like that if one unsubscribe, that I need to be sure he doesn’t get another email from me. If I use conversation email (transactional) with the unsubscribe link, it works, but it only blocklist the user from the campaign and not from transactional email. I’m just trying to figure it out how I could achieve this with Brevo.

Hi, ok I get it, thanks.

So there are two cases:

  • email campaigns
  • transactional emails

More details here:

As far as I understand this article, when a customer unsubscribes manually from one of your emails, she will be unsubscribed from the email campaigns. You can still unsubscribe someone from transactional emails, manually, by going on her contact page.

maybe @Olivier_Beorchia you know a bit more than me on this topic?


Many thanks for your feedback. I hope the unsubscribe process for the transactional email could be automatic.

@christodeus , in case you haven’t done it so far: did you try to insert an unsubscribe link in the transactional email template you’re sending?
This way, people will be unsubscribed from your transactional communications.

Hi there,

As simple as that, well it works. I did include an unsubscribe link but it was the link generated by the unsubscribe form and it blocklist the user but for the campaign and not the transactional email. I did not think to try with the footer and indeed it works. I even can use the Send a test email to send one by one emails because the blocklist works also this way, I just have tried. So many thanks! :slight_smile:

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Are confirmation emails (simple confirmation and final confirmation after double opt-in) also part of transactional emails? Because they certainly have the issue: they use the RTF / HTML editor, not the block layout editor, and have no way to insert the unsubscribe footer as a result.

So it’s impossible to give a last chance to user to unsubscribe after an accidental subscription (such as subscribing with the wrong email), Mailchimp-style:


User will have to wait for next campaign email to unsubscribe.

If confirmation emails are not considered transactional, I can rewrite this issue in another sub-forum (although there is no sub-forum for Emails/Templates, I sometimes use Campaigns but it’s not great).

EDIT: I just found this page which suggests to insert {{ unsubscribe }}:

  • New template language: { { unsubscribe }}
    <a href="{{ unsubscribe }}">Click here to unsubscribe</a>

So I’ll try this!

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