Header of Transactional Emails with no unsubscribe links are wrongly still "unsubscribable"

Hi team,

I have an issue with Transactional Emails with no unsubscribe links being wrongly « unsubscribable ».

For emails in a drip sequence, even if they do not have an unsubscribe link in them they still are « unsubscribable ». In other words, they do get picked up by email inbox cleaning tools with a CTA to « unsubscribe » as sadly, the header on these emails now informs these tools that these are mailing-list type of emails.

So, in my drip sequence, the first email does not have an unsubscribe link, it is a response to a signup action and provides information on how to use an application (I even use a separate email address for this). Then, the next emails in the drip sequence are marketing and in those I add an unsubscribe link (and send them with a second email address).

Because the first email without unsubscribe links has its header wrongly defined, I get users unsubscribing to the first email. Then, since unsubscribe is per email address, they end up receiving the drip sequence (since it is sent by another email address) and I’d rather they didn’t receive any further emails, since they have actually tried to unsubscribe from my marketing emails with their « unsubscribe » action.

I see no issue with having « unsubscribe » being by sender, that is correct. The issue here is with the header of emails with no unsubscribe links, those emails should not be « unsubscribable ».