E-mail confirmation confusion


I am playing around with Brevo and I get pretty far. I want to set up a newsletter subscription between my website (WordPress) and Brevo. For a long period people could just leave their name and e-mail and they are added to the list.
But since there are so many fake e-email addresses and spammers active, I want to add e-mail confirmation. I have set up the WordPress plugin accordingly

When I test it I get the confirmation e-mail, link works too.

But… I tested it again and registered a new subscriber. Now, before I clicked the confirmation link in the e-mail I checked my contacts. The unconfirmed subscriber is just standing there. When I check out the subscriber, nothing hints to unconfirmed.

What am I missing?


Hi @Banana828 , thanks for posting on this community!

Do you know what is the subscription status of this contact: is it subscribed or unsubscribed?

Hi @ahudavert ,

I tested it again with a temp email. It does get the « confirm your email » email. I didn’t click on it, so it’s not confirmed by the « user ».

When I open the list of contacts I do see the new email. When I click on the new email, I see this:

Not sure where to look, but when I look at the right bottom I see it is added to two e-mailcampaigns, which isn’t correct either. It should only by #3, not #3 and #8.
Something else I just noticed: The time and date is way off… It’s May 6th, not May 2nd.

When I look at the information I assume the new email is now subscribed. Stop me if I am wrong :slight_smile:

I assume the new email is now subscribed

To be sure of this, you can check the « Subscriptions » (on the bottom left on your screenshot, just above « Lists »)

Sure, here you go:

Indeed, that’s weird. Could you please write to Brevo support team, and tell us what they reply?