Form submit via Make (integromat)

I almost got this. Properly get form data from webflow and transfer data via make to Brevo and email is sent, but the ONLY thing anymore is how to show the parameters from the form.

In this test I only use Form submitters name and a price number. Those are NAME and TOTAL from the form.

So How do I mark the parameters on the template. Looked up some Brevo help, but can’t figure this specific case out.

Heres a pic from make how the data is sent:

Heres the Brevo stemplate. Obviously this is wrong:
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Hi @tomppalonen ,

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Can you try with {{params.customer}} and {{params.sum}}, or {{Params.customer}} and {{Params.sum}}?

HA! There it is!! Thank you!

:+1: perfect if it worked!