Bootstrap Form send email integration with Brevo transactionnal email

I am trying to use Brevo transactionnal email service in a html/css Bootstrap Form page. I did not find any documentation on this matter. Do you know how to achieve this service ?
Thank you a lot for your feedback and help

Hi @bzels123 , thanks for posting on this community!

Could you please elaborate on your use case: what would you like to do exactly?

I would like to link Brevo contact form managment and integrate it into a html page built by Bootstrap framework 5.5.3
When I click an Submit buton of a form, that Brevo contact form is in place
so all contacts info is managed by Brevo or partially if html form has been created directly in Bootstrap form
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Ok I see better, thanks. When you build a Brevo form, you can embed it to webpage, for sure.

You’ll get more details about how to do it here:

Did I get your question well?

thank you for your recommandation.
I was trying to build a form, but at adding « attributs » level, only : Nom, prénom, email, id, sms et whatapp attributes are available.
I need to capture also their postal address with fields such as:
Street number, street, details, post code, country
in order to be able to send them Paper News letters, gifts …
How can I add other transactionnal fields/attributes ?

Thank you a lot in advance
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You mean that these attributes (Street number, street, details, post code, country) are not contact attributes yet? If you wish, you can create them, do you know how to do it?

Hello, I awnser my self :
You can create other transanctionnal attributes :

Thank you

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