How do I capture the contact page form on my website into Brevo

I currently have a contact us page template on my website that came as part of the theme I am using.
Since you can create a contact us page in Brevo, how do I capture the data from that contact us page into Brevo? Thank you in advance

Hi @Fellaz4sho , thanks for posting on this community!

To be sure I get it well: you would like to keep the contact page from your theme, but send the data to Brevo, right?

@ahudavert thank you for assisting me on this.

Yes you are correct. I want to commect Brevo to the backend of our contact page to capture those data.

Would you know if i can create similar contact form in brevo or suggest a vendor that integrate really well to Brevo i can utilize?

Thank you again

I think the best way would be to create a script that would call Brevo’s APIs when someone enters his/her data on your theme’s contact form and clicks « Submit », no?