Brevo form will not submit in WordPress Popup

Hi everyone,
I created a popup that displays a Brevo form in WordPress. The form was embedded with the simple HTML code provided by Brevo. The form looks fine but when I try to submit it, it does not work, the spinning wheel won’t stop. Does anybody know how to fix this?

Hi @Petra , thanks for posting on this community!

Which plugin are you using to display the popup? It can be a bit hard to use another plugin to display Brevo forms into a popup, but the good news is that we’re working on it, we are hoping to give you a solution to create popups directly inside Brevo.

Thank you for your reply. I used Popup Maker.

Ok thanks Petra.

I confirm, for the moment using one external plugin with the Brevo tracker does not necessarily work well, but we’re working on a way for you to be able to create popups from Brevo directly, so that the need of being able to show pop up forms to your contacts can be addressed :+1: