Form does not display properly on website

Hi Brevo Community,
The Brevo Form I created does not display properly on our website (
There is a giant exclamation point and check mark on the screen, followed by the form among other display issues.
I’ve seen it appear normally for a short time on my computer, but 95% of the time it looks broken, regardless of which computer I use, including after clearing cache/cookies, different browsers, computers that have never accessed that page, etc…
However, our web maintenance person says it looks fine to them.
Has anyone come across this before?



Thanks for posting on this community!
The way I see it is like that:

Is it how it should be appearing?

Hi Ahudavert,

Thank you for your reply! I am glad others are seeing it correctly.
However, this is how it appears for me and others (image attached).
Given the different experiences, I’d conclude that it must be an « us » issue (ie cache).
My colleague beside me tried it and it looks good on his computer, but other people here see what I see, and one for sure had not visited the site on their computer and they experienced it, so then I have to ask, how could it be a cache issue!?

Adding to the above, I’ve cleared (again to be sure) the cache in my browser and in Wordpress, but the problem persists.

Hmmm that’s weird indeed. @Mohit have you already heard of something like that?

This may be unrelated, but when I was initially moving to Bravo and didn’t know what I was doing, I installed the Wordpress Brevo plugin. On another website I went in the direction of creating the form in Brevo and then installing it onto WP. I noticed that way provided metrics for subscriptions whereas my initial way did not. So I removed the Bravo Wordpress plugin (which was working) and created a form on Bravo and added that to the page and have the current issue.

Hi All, bumping this thread in case anyone has further theories about what’s going on. The situation persists.

Thank you!

For me it appears correctly. Can you pls share your browser details and which method you are using to add this form to your website?

Hi Mohit,

Thank you for taking a look!

I added this form via the Brevo website > Contacts > Forms > Subscription. Then we added the HTML to our website.

I can see that when I select « Preview your form » on step 6 of Subscription form creation, it also does not appear properly. This suggests the fault does not lie within Wordpress or the method of adding the form to the website, so that is progress!

For me the problem persists regardless of the browser (whether Edge, Firefox on my PC; or Safari on Mac; private browsing or otherwise).


Could you kindly provide me with the email address associated with your Brevo login and the name of the form? I would appreciate it if you could share this information with me through a private message.

How do I send a pm here?

Click on my photo and you will see button to send message to me.

this is what I see when I click other’s profile pic:

Not sure where the button is… I spent some time searching for it to no avail.

I can’t figure out how to PM, so I’ll just post the requested info here and put « DOT » in place of « . » should that make any difference…:
The name of the form is: SCIRE Community Website Subscription
The email address is:

Got it, I looked into your account, and the form seems to be working fine on my end!

Okay, those who see the form working properly on the website see it work properly on Brevo’s preview.
For myself and some others the form does not look correct on the website and this is reflected in Brevo’s preview.
Looking further, we have a second form for our partner website where the form preview also does not appear correct in Brevo but it is correct on the website (though I can see a split-second flash when the wrong display appears before appearing correctly).
So, what could my next step be here? I’ll try creating a 3rd form from scratch and see if that preview is wrong…

I’ve taken a sample of a dozen people or so. Seems like about 1 in 10 experience an issue with how the form appears on the website.
To reiterate, we have 2 websites and each has a subscription form. When I preview the subscription forms on Brevo they appear broken. When I go to it appears broken. When I go to the other website it looks okay tho I may see a split second of the broken form before it appears normally.
However, I am in the 1 of 10 people who see things broken. Other ppl see everything as working properly.
Our 2 sites are not equivalent. SCIRE Community is very old while SCIRE Professional is new and was built using a different theme.
So… because I see the preview forms as broken on the Brevo site, the problem would appear to lie there. The new site (SCIRE Professional) seems to be able to deal with it while the old site (SCIRE Community) can not.
And on top of that, this is only going to be a problem for, as I said, about 1 in 10 ppl.

I would love to see an answer to this. Really, its boggling my mind. @ahudavert @Mohit thanks for your help thus far. Is there anything you can do despite not being in group of ppl who see things broken?

Same problem here…Solution available?

The « solution » was that no one at Brevo replied to my last 2 messages above, probably because they couldn’t figure it out after putting some time into trying, and I just have to live with a messed up page.

I encountered the same problem and I noticed that those who are under VPN or proxy or similar they can see the error, while those who don’t have one of the systems listed above see the form correctly.

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