Free (beta) weekly/daily email reports for your Brevo metrics

Hello Brevos!

I am building a new reporting tool and am already working with some teams using Brevo during the beta. The tool sends a daily or weekly email with an overview of the most important metrics for your team. This could be things like campaign metrics, new contacts and etc. broken down by campaign. As well as data from your other tools (Ads, Analytics, SEO, etc.).

I am looking for other teams interested in this sort of reporting to help me guide the beta in the right direction. The beta is free, and anyone helping out during the beta will get a deal when we start charging :slight_smile:

If any one is interested you can sign up for the beta from the website below. Or feel free to DM me or reply here if you’ve any suggestions or questions :slight_smile:

I am hoping we can build something which will make it easier for busy teams to keep on top of everything they are managing without having to log into 7-8 different systems every day!

join the beta: Blue Cat Forms

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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