How to request integrations

I started using this new app called Countdown Hero. It integrates with several known email marketing apps, but not my favorite… Brevo. What is the process to request an integration. Does that need to happen on their end or Brevo’s end? This is the app. Screenshot of the apps they integrate with. You can use the Other platform option, but you get less features. THANKS!

Hi @appcrazee , thanks for this post!

I think it’s more to them that the request must be made.

Maybe @Fibo you know more about this?

The ability for Brevo to integrate with the Saas services your customers use, is essential. As of current, the available integrations is paltry. We need a way to indicate what integrations we would like, and then your team can prioritize.

For example, some essentials ones would be Shipstation, Etsy, Quickbooks. These shouldn’t be hard for you to implement, and it doesn’t require the company in question in start the process, it is your devlopers.

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