Image with parametrized url is not loaded and sent in transactional email


We have interesting issue with transactional emails using template.
We have multiple image elements in template which receive url from params that are sent from our system when we want to trigger sending of email.
It’s noticed however that one of two images is not sent. This image usually has url similar to this:
It’s link to our system that will create barcode or QR code. For some reason this image is not included in email and it’s not sent.
When email is found in dashboard and open in preview mode it firstly doesn’t show this barcode image, and after some time, if you leave it open in a tab in your browser, it appears there in preview of email.
Therefore, my assumption is that image is not loaded fast enough and email is sent without it. Like there is some image loading timeout on Brevo side. For us this is critical issue as we want to show this image always, and we don’t want to store those images and provide static urls.

Is there some workaround for this issue?