Introductions (introduce yourself)

At the time of posting, there wasn’t an Introduction topic, so I made one (so here it is. Welcome).

A quick intro. My name’s Mathew from Melbourne, Australia (sorry I don’t know French :thinking:, although studied it in High School. Love French cuisine though!). I have been self employed for almost 7 years. Love learning about entrepreneurship (still struggle to spell it though…), business, marketing & sales, low and no-code, relational databases, online systems and SaaS. :robot:

I rely on technology for my business interests (like most here). Love the integration, configuration and systems automation side of things (and feel that is my strength).:facepunch:

I have been using Brevo for about a year for one of my businesses. Works well. My favourite part is the support-love their support! Keep it up guys :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Feel free to connect here, YouTube, or wherever else we may cross paths…

Mat K
Build with K

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Thanks Mat, you’re absolutely right!
Maybe @appcrazee you want to introduce yourself as well?


Let’s do it as well as part of Brevo and of the Community :slight_smile:

I’m Sylvain, VP Product here at Brevo, working with PMs on the way we’re building products that fits your needs.

Previously worked as Eng. & CTO in other lifes, so if you need help, do not hesitate !

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My name is Neil Schneider and I live in Phoenix, AZ in the United States. I have a new found enjoyment of Brevo as a CRM that I actually enjoy opening. I manage my own CRM for multiple businesses and I manage some for others. I also run a couple of small business directories and I help small business owners with their marketing and finding new clients. I am working to bring some clients to Brevo for me to service and also referring them as an affiliate. I have commented recently on how much I enjoy the changes to Brevo in 2023 because it’s very intuitive. Thank you for welcoming us. :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:


I have seen people complain about support, but I always get responses to my questions and concerns. I agree with @SystemOK - support has been great.


Hello everyone, Angelica here, and I’m thrilled to be part of this vibrant community. I am eager to connect with each of you and contribute to the wonderful tapestry of shared experiences. :upside_down_face:


Hello, I’m Christophe, responsible for Marketing activities at Cartadis, a French company specializing in authentication and payment solutions. Upon joining Cartadis a few months ago, I came across Brevo. While I find the solution straightforward, I believe there’s significant potential to enhance its user-friendliness and efficiency for our purposes. I’m eager to explore new features and seek insights from this community to address these improvements :star_struck:

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