Meeting with WatsApp as an option

I use WhatsApp for my meeting, so I need my user to give me their phone number when booking the meeting.
The only way to have the phone number field mandatory seems to be with a « Phone Call meeting ». This is not ideal because the user is expecting a phone call when i will be using whatsApp, so i have to give them some non-necessary extra explanation.

For the field « communication tool, » could it be possible to add the category « WhatsApp » with the phone number input mandatory?
That would make sense as WhatsApp seems to be fully integrated to Brevo.
Thank you.

Hello @Guillaume , thanks for posting on this community!

I guess @Jonas will be interested in this discussion :slight_smile:

@ahudavert @Jonas
Is adding the category « WatsApp » as a communication tool in meeting something that Brevo would do?