Missing Preview text in sib_api_v3_sdk library


Im tying to send translated Emails via Python3 library sib_api_v3_sdk.
Im having issue with changing Preview Text of a email template.

My code for sending Transactional emails looks like this:

send_smtp_email = sib_api_v3_sdk.SendSmtpEmail(
to=[{« email »: email_reciever}],
sender={« email »: « info@ding.jobs », « name »: « DING »},
« WELCOME_TEXT1 »: mail_title

the problem is that I cant find way of changing « Preview Text » that I setupped while creaating tempalte.

Solution is not to use preview text in temaplte setup, set it to empty.
But I want this feture!

Hi @jura44 , thanks for posting on this community.

If I get your post well, it seems we had a similar topic, in French: Texte d'aperçu sur les mails transactionnels

I think there’s a small issue on the preview text indeed, that we’re working on fixing

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Good thing is that « Preview text » is optional, so i can ignore it :slight_smile: