Parameters for custom email header?

Hi there,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a parameter for a header image in an email that will change depending on the user. For context, we have a loyalty program where if users sign up to one of our partner sites they receive an email thanking them for signing up and explaining the benefits they’ll receive. We can put parameters in for the person’s username, where they signed up, and CTA button, but is this possible for the image as well? We have designed different headers for each partner but if they’re static, then obviously can’t add that in since each image should be different per user.

If this isn’t possible we may have to switch to a generic header image. Thank you!

Hi @rdav , I might have an idea about this: have you tried to check this article:

You’ll find info about how to personalize your emails based on:

  • contact attributes
  • transactional attributes
  • repeatable blocks

Tell me if this helps!