Personalizing double opt-in template?

In short, I want to insert form fields/attributes into the double opt-in confirmation, but it does not appear to allow for this.

I’m trying to simplify how people can refer others to a particular list. I created a form with the typical attributes, and added a « referrer » field for this purpose.

But, since the contact is not fully added or populated at the time the transactional double opt-in template is sent, the contact field personalization fails, and the template falls back to the default value. I cannot address the email to the first name of the subscriber, nor can I use the « referrer » field to indicate who invited them to join.

Is there a way of accomplishing this?

Hi @hawk , thanks for posting on this community!

I’m thinking of another way of doing this:

  • when a form is completed, you send a simple confirmation email
  • in parallel, you create an automation that will be triggered when a contact is added to a list (you’ll pick the form subscription list here)
  • you wait for a few minutes, for example 15
  • and then you send the second email.

My idea is to wait a bit before the second email is sent, so that you maximize the chances that the second email will be populated with the right attributes. Could that work?

Thanks for the reply, @ahudavert.

I’m sensing there might be the beginnings of a solution with what you suggested, but still missing the final piece.

Based on your suggestion, I could create a list just for these sign-ups that I do not send campaigns to, and also create an automation that would send a template to the contact, as you say, 15 minutes or so after they are added to this inert list.

I just don’t see how I could then give the new user a template with a single sign-up button that would add them to the original list to which they were invited.

I want to replicate the double opt-in flow where if they see an invitation email, they need to see the email come in with a mention of who referred them… but are given a single action that will confirm the subscription and add them to the originally intended list.

Can « add to list » actions be embedded into templates?


@hawk ok I see a little bit better what you want to achieve.

My original thought was to wait a bit so that the referrer attribute would be populated by Brevo in the meantime. So my question is: in which timeframe, and how, will the referrer name for one given contact be filled in?


I don’t know that waiting will have any positive effect. If the opt-in is not completed, the contact is not « saved » and the contact attributes are not available to the template.

If I add them to a list with no campaigns without double opt-in, the best I can see to do with the tools available is to send them a link to « modify their profile » and select the list they were invited to join. This is clunky and I expect poor response, due to them having to click through and then join a list.

What I really need is a templated button that will add a contact to a list with a single click, and send that to the new contact 5-10 minutes after they are invited.

OR just skip double opt-in. I’m OK with that under some circumstances where there is an implied interest due to an existing business or social contact, but I’m a bit leery of doing so for a third-party invite.


[I need to] add a contact to a list with a single click

What you can do in this case is creating an automation that will:

  • have as a starting point: contact clicked on the link of this email
  • action: add contact to a list

could that work for you?

@ahudavert Yes, that would work!

  • Contact is added to list via form
  • Contact receives automated template with a link
  • when that link is clicked, they are added for list X

Is that a feature? How would I go about the template link → automation to add to list?

Great! Actually, when you’re creating an automation, you can choose « Contact clicked » in the « Transaction email activity », this being itself in the « Email activity » category.

There are more details here:

Does this help?

@ahudavert I took a look, and I think I can do this with the « classic editor » automation builder!

I’ll confirm once I put the linkages in and test. Many thanks for your guidance.

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@ahudavert This is working!

Form submission adds the contact to an inert/no contact list, so that the invitee is fully populated in the contact database, including the referrer name.

There’s an action tied to the form submission that waits 2 minutes and then sends my custom « accept this invitation » link to a « thank you for accepting the invitation » landing page. Since the contact is fully populated, I can address the contact, and mention the referrer’s name, which should of course increase acceptance.

Then, there’s a second action tied to clicking this link in the template, which adds them to the relevant list, after which they get the standard welcome email and such.


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Wonderful! I’m happy to read that our discussion helped you find a solution!

Have a great day