Shopify Integration

Hi there,
I integrate my shopify store with my Brevo account. And now when new customers are registering new account to my store they are listing as “Unsubscribed" in my Brevo account.
Could you please tell me why is this happening?
Best regards.

Hi @Fozlay , thanks for posting on this community!

Yes this happens because when users are creating an account, they don’t necessarily agree to receive your newsletters.

Maybe @Fibo you know how to solve this?

Hi @ahudavert,
Could you please tell me,How can I reach out to Fibo?

Hi @Fozlay,

it’s correct, when a user registers in the store, the status generally depends on the email-marketing-consent in Shopify. You can review and edit the same from the Shopify admin panel.

Let me know if you experience any issues and feel free to drop me a DM here.

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