Multiple Shopify Shops with PushOwl

Hello community,

we were testing Brevo with great resuluts for the last few months with the « old » Shopify integration app. Now we like to integrate our two remaining shops, but only the new Push Owl App is available and accounts seem to be based on store-domains.

Is there still a way to connect three Shopify stores to one Brevo Account?

Regards from Germany,

Hello @linus_at_adler , thanks for posting on this community!

Maybe @dule you know?

Hi @linus_at_adler to understand the use case.

a) you are using Shopify Markets and/or connecting same brand covering different geos?
b) you’d like to manage three individual storefronts through a single Brevo account?

Hi @dule,

it is case b) we have three individual storefronts. We would like to manage through one Brevo Account.

The new integration supports one account per Shopify store to avoid confusion, inaccurate metrics, and data overlap. This setup ensures precise data analysis and targeting through dynamic segmentation, providing a single source of truth for better audience engagement.

We will release an Enterprise offer in the coming weeks for large organizations, addressing Shopify Markets and shared account management through a master/sub-account structure. However, the data sync principle remains the same: one storefront, one sub-account.

Install the PushOwl & Brevo app and give it a try. For any questions, our live chat support is available 24/7 within the Shopify app.

Hope this helps

Thank you for the quick feedback.
While I understand all of it, Brevo now no longer seems fitting for our business case.

Appreciate transparency, I’d like to understand where did we fell short. Is it pricing?

Yes, it does not make sense for us to have to pay for 3 accounts.
We would also like to use the same newsletter templates for all shops. So one account would have made our life much easier.