Multiple Shopify Connection

Hi everyone, I am fairly new to Brevo, currently setting up. We have three Shopify websites (three brands) and as far as I understand, I can connect all three websites to a single Brevo account and send newsletters/SMS to all websites’ customers in the name of the particular brand (as long as the sender domains are authenticated properly).

My question is related to your Shopify Integration app: can I install this app and connect all three to the this same Brevo account, have the customers synced (to their specific list) and also have all e-commerce data synced WITHOUT getting the data mixed up between stores?

Also, if a contact is subscribed in brand A but unsubscribes from brand B - how does this work?


Hi @charlie_s ,

Welcome to this community, and thanks for posting here!

You can absolutely sync three websites with one Brevo account. Technically this is feasible, but keep in mind that your contacts will then be all together, meaning that:

  • you’ll be able to know which contact comes from which website
  • BUT:
    • if a contact unsubscribes from one website, it will be unsubscribed for the other websites as well
    • all your ecommerce data will be displayed together: the orders, the products, etc…

So it depends on your needs, but it may be preferrable to have one Brevo account per website.

Does this help?

Thanks @ahudavert, all clear.

It would actually work perfectly except the « unsubscribes from one website, it will be unsubscribed for the other websites » part.

I guess, I’ll have two accounts then.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome, I’m happy to read this answered your question!