Subscription update anomaly

I just found out something « interesting » and would love to hear your thoughts. Brevo has an official Shopify integration that updates subscription status from Shopify to Brevo and from Brevo to Shopify, real time. Well, not so much.

When there is a change happens in Shopify (initiated either by the customer or by an admin on the backend of Shopify, manually) it is synced to Brevo straight away.

However, when there is a subscription status change in Brevo, it only being synced to Shopify if the subscriber initiates it (via update form). If a Brevo admin changes the subscription status on the contact’s page = blocklisting someone manually, it will not sync to Shopify.

Why is this?

ps. I haven’t tried this yet, but I wonder what happens if the changes are made via CSV update. Does anyone know?

Hi @charlie_s, there are a few exceptions and limitations to the two-way sync, indeed.

From Shopify, both admin changes and customer changes are synced to Brevo.

From Brevo, primarily, the case where a customer unsubscribes from a newsletter list is synced. In this scenario, the customer clicks on the link in the footer of a newsletter campaign to unsubscribe, and the email marketing consent will be revoked in Shopify as well.

However, manual admin changes have to be performed separately on Brevo and Shopify. Importing a CSV will also not trigger updates for a series of customers in Shopify.

Contacts might be added to Brevo from different sources, and it’s important to note that any status change in Brevo does not automatically imply consent to marketing from any connected shop.

One specific scenario to note is that contacts existing in Brevo during the initial sync from a newly connected Shopify store will not be automatically blacklisted in Brevo if they haven’t given consent for email marketing in Shopify yet. The previously granted consent from another source remains in effect when establishing the connection to Shopify, initially.

If this is still unclear, please feel free to share your thoughts. Additionally, could you let us know where you read about this feature? This will help us review the information for better transparency. Thanks!

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Hi Fibo, okay, thank you for the explanation. All clear.