Shopify <-> Brevo / not getting correctly synced

Anyone else having sync issues from Shopify to Brevo? I’m emailing back and forth with Brevo CS, but getting nowhere. The sync issues I discovered are:

  1. Customers who place an order on shopify but do not subscribe to marketing sync to brevo as « Subscribed ». That’s a big issue.

  2. All contacts from shopify get added to 1 list in brevo. I am not able to differentiate between contacts and send them to different lists (in example: send customers who did not agree to subscribe to brevo list B, so I could filter them out from marketing emails even though they are marked as « subscribed » on brevo)

  3. I am not able to sync customer tags from shopify to brevo. I’m adding customer tags to further identify where a customer subscribes on the website, i.e. on a popup-form or during the checkout. Plus there is more application on how customer tags can help in contact management, so these are great and should be used. These customer tags do not sync to brevo however. Anyone got the same problem and managed to sync it? I already tried automatic sync as well as manual sync in the integration settings - no success with both.

Would love to hear what the community here experienced.
Cheers, M