All email campaigns API response statistics incorrect after 6 months


The API endpoint gives incorrect statistics for campaigns created more than 6 months ago. All statistics fields either start rapidly decreasing over the following days or just show 0 immediately upon reaching the 6 month mark.

Is this a bug, or the intended behaviour?

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Hi @adam.kocsis , thanks for posting on this community!

Indeed, that’s weird. Is this happening on all your campaigns that are more than 6 months old, or only on specific ones?

@Mauricio you’ll be interested in this discussion I guess :slight_smile:

Hi @ahudavert , thanks for the fast reply!

It’s happening on all campaigns. As we progressed in time, more and more campaigns started having these nonsensical stats, some of them even going into negatives.

That’s weird, indeed. I hope Mauricio (tagged above) will be able to give more info

One more thing I might add: only the globalStats section behaves this way, the campaignStats, linksStats and statsByDomain are correct for these campaigns.

@adam.kocsis have you tried by checking the stats on a given timeframe, ie by sending an exact start date and an exact end date?

@ahudavert Yes, the stats are the same, even if I specify exact dates (even if only 24 hours are covered)

So you confirm that if you check the stats via the API, for example for what happens between 2023-12-01 and 2023-12-15, stats are not correct? That’s weird, I’ll have to check internally.

@ahudavert Well with the endpoint I can only specify the start and end dates of the email campaigns, the events related to that campaign cannot be filtered by date.

So I cannot check what happened between said dates.

Ok I see. Did you try with this API: get an email campaign report: Get an email campaign report ?

In the response, there is an object called statistics, where you should get the campaign’s stats. Tell us if it works with this one :+1:

Hi @ahudavert , indeed it works with that API. Thank you, then we will proceed with calling this endpoint for each campaign, however for ease of use, it would be more convenient to have the all campaign endpoint return the proper stats for old campaigns too.

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it would be more convenient to have the all campaign endpoint return the proper stats for old campaigns too

Absolutely, for sure! Thanks again for your feedback, we’ll see what we can do to improve the endpoints whose replies are not fully consistent.