Automation with meetings

I would like specified emails to be sent before and after specified meeting types to the specific contact who was invited to the meetings.

Hi @Werner , thanks for posting on this community!

You can indeed use Meetings events to start automations, but I don’t think you can send a specific email before and after. What you could hope to do is the following:

  • whenever a meeting is booked
  • update the contact’s meeting date
  • and then send these emails

But unfortunately I don’t think this is possible. @Jonas maybe can confirm?

Thank you for your reply, I need to be even more specfic than that unfortunately.

Specfied meeting type is booked

Email is sent to invited guests after the meeting occurs after 1 day.

Hi @Werner,

as already mentioned by @ahudavert it is currently not yet possible to automatically send an email to the contact whom the meeting was with 1 day after the meeting occurs.

I think it’s possible if you first create a segment, but there is an issue.

Create a segment, lets call it “J-1” or “J+1”, J being the meeting day

  • Use the event “meeting booked”
  • Define the event with “meeting name” and “meeting time”

That should allow you to define an audience that has a specific meeting in 1 day or was 1 day ago

In automations create an entry point: Contact filter J-1 at 9am daily
And the action: send Email.

That should work, now the issue is: If the contact reschedule or cancel the meeting he will still filter the condition with the old meeting, even if the meeting now doesn’t exist. I did notify Brevo of this They did acknowledge the issue, but I don’t know when that will be fixed. Hopefully soon!