Track Brevo Meeting Event in Automation

I’m setting up a multi-step automation for an email campaign. Prospects enter the program and receive a series of emails. The goal is getting prospects to book a meeting. As an example, some prospects book a meeting after 2 emails, and for some it takes longer and they book a meeting after 5. All the emails are spaced out, 3-5 days delay between each email.

I have my meeting sign up page set up through Brevo. I’d like to check and see if the contacts have booked a meeting since they received the previous email, so that if they’ve booked a meeting, I stop sending them additional emails. II only want to send emails to prospects who have not booked a meeting.

I see this track events meeting book step. I’m not sure if thats looking at individual contacts or just any meeting booked from the list. Also I don’t understand the “between past dates” concept. Why is it a range? Shouldn’t it just be a single number? “Check to see if a meeting has been booked 5 days before today”.


Hi @brevouser1 , thanks for posting on this community!

I think something that could fit your use case would be the exit events, are you aware of them? If no, this means you could automatically remove a contact from your workflow as soon as she books a meeting. Here are more details:

About the dates, I’m not sure I got it well: if you want to do: "Check to see if a meeting has been booked 5 days before today”, you can input 5 instead of 9999 and you’ll be good, what do you think?