Customer Journey emails - Best approach?

Hi I’m new to Brevo and mailing platforms.
(Current CRM only offers RTF emails)
I want to send them a series of informational, links, FAQs and upsell link emails, leading up to the client event day (Date in the future). Each client’s date will be at a different time. All the clients’ info is in a separate CRM system, which I think I can get across using webhooks with attributes. Should I use transactional emails, which are scheduled and fired by the CRM or would you recommend creating marketing campaigns with a finish date (their event date).
Any other suggestions are much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Hi @SBrad99 , thanks for posting on this community!

I think the best way is to setup an automated flow for this.

Have you checked what our automation product allows you to do (a help article is accessible here)?

Thanks for your reply. I have had a read of the articles and checked out the automation builder. However I can not see how I would send an email say 3 months before date, 1 month before and then 6 weeks before clients event date.
Is this possible.

Hi @SBrad99 , ok thanks now I get it.

I think the best way to do that is the following:

  • you create an attribute of type date, let’s say you name it « CLIENT_DATE », where you’ll input each of the clients’ dates
  • then for each email sending you create an automation flow, with an entry point called « Anniversary » and an action that is the email sending itself

So for example if you need to send an email one month before the event date

  • you’ll choose Anniversary
  • then you’ll choose « CLIENT_DATE » is in 30 days. Validate it
  • and as an action you’ll choose the email sending

Does this help?