Using automations for specific events, dates, times, etc

I’d appreciate some help on how to harness the full power of Brevo automations. On previous platforms I’ve used, I could create a trigger/entry point for an automation in a highly curated way - like only if they meet these 2 criteria, proceed.

Right now I can only see a way to add multiple entry points but they’re not connected, is there a way around this? To only proceed if ALL criteria is met.

Secondly, I would love to add emails to a sequence to be sent in a specific way - e.g., « send 1 week and 5 days after user opens X email » OR, « send 3 weeks from the date of this email being opened where it falls on a Saturday for the user ». Is this possible?

Hello @rdav,

To trigger an automation based on multiple criteria, you can use the entry point ‹ A contact is in a segment at a given time ›. This ensures the contact enters the automation only if they meet all specified criteria. You can find more information here: Launch an automation when a contact matches one of your segments.

For your second point, you can create the following automation sequence:

  • Entry point: ‹ A contact is in a segment at a given time ›
  • Action: ‹ Send an email › (e.g. Welcome email 1)
  • Condition: ‹ Wait until › → ‹ Email Marketing activity › → ‹ Opened › (select the same email as in the previous step)
  • (In the Yes branch) Condition: ‹ Add a delay › → specify the delay you want the contact to wait for before receiving the next email
  • Action: ‹ Send an email › (e.g. Welcome email 2)

For now, I don’t think you’ll be able to specify a day of the week, though, only the number of hours/days/months before the next email is sent. However, we’re working on a new beta automation editor, and you’ll be able to achieve this exact scenario in the future (and it will be even easier)! You can find more information about the new editor here: About the new automation editor [BETA] and New automation editor [BETA] - Available triggers, actions, and rules.

Hope I could help :slight_smile:

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