Automation skips some Emails

I have a Welcome message automation with start point triggered when email is added to a list. Some emails are skipped, some are not, which is weird and inconvenient.

If t matters, I have a double opt-in subscription.

Hoping for your assistance.

Thank you for the help!

Hi @thisismark , thanks for posting on this community! What you mean is that:

  • you add an email to a list
  • sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, right?

How do you add the contact to the list?

Nope, emails can be added successfully to the list via Sign-up form. But the Automation is NOT triggered for every email added. Some emails enter the start point, some do not.

Thanks for your reply.

That’s weird, indeed. Would you have recognized a pattern about which emails were added and which were not?

I would suggest to ask Brevo support team to look into this further and to update us here. You can write to them at this address:

Thanks. This is already resolved. The contact received the Welcome message 3 days after being added to the list.

There seems to be a delay on the Automation. Hope that will be fixed soon.

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