Adding contact with API and automate sending welcome email

Currently we send welcome email from our app backend when user creates profile on our website.
Instead, I want to :

  1. Add user as a contact on Brevo via API
  2. Welcome email should be sent to this contact immediately
  3. Then user should get series of emails every few days or once a week.
    First step I am able to figure out. But for step 2, should I send transactional welcome email by API or I can automate it other way. Also how do I automate step 3?


Hi @hardik , thanks for posting on this community!

  1. Perfect
  2. Yes you can do so via an automation, with these settings:
  • starting point: contact added to a list (you’ll be able to choose the name of the list)
  • action: send an email
  1. Yes you can do it via Automation, indeed. I think this topic is covering what you wish to achieve: Setup automation for weekly newsletter

What do you think?

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Thanks. Looks Perfect. Will try it out.