Brevo Form in Wordpress / Not possible to select a double opt-in email template

Hello everyone,

I want to select a different double opt-in email template from Brevo via WordPress (see printscreen) but the drop down menu doesn’t display anything and automatically selects a default template.

Strangely, for « select final confirmation email » I can select one of my own Brevo templates.

Does anyone know how to fix this? How can I select my branded « double opt-in » email template?

Thank you so much!

Hi @Linda , thanks for posting on this community!

@a.talukdar maybe you know? or @Fibo ?

Hi @Linda, @ahudavert the templates are usually considered DOI if they have either an optin tag or they contain the placeholder with label doubleoptin (not case sensitive) in the template.
As far as i know here in Wordpress plugin the placeholder is required in the template otherwise it may be considered a non DOI template.
Please check if the placeholder exists in your Template.