Brevo servers ip's in in blacklist of

Recently all the emails I send using brevo smtp is not delivered to those email Id’s who use there own email server like companies, those companies use spamhaus and spamcop blacklist service to there server to protect themselves from spam.
When I send the email to those email accounts I got this message:

550-Rejected because is in a black list at 550 Blocked - see

I also check that yes not just this lots of brevo server ip is in blacklist in
I also check that this is belongs to:


ISP:SendInBlue SAS


Assignment:Likely Static IP




I didn’t use dedicated IP so it means that maybe someone or group intentionally mass report your ip’s or maybe brevo is used by spammer too whatever the reason, because of this all my emails are soft bounced back,
Please resolve this and unbanned yourself from spamcop permanently, it’s really harm the company reputation and service.
More ip’s of brevo which is blacklisted in

Hi @Rahulroy ,

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A few things to keep in mind:

  • first, there are thousands of blocklist providers on the web
  • spamcop is a temporary listing, meaning it is being updated a few times per day. If you check again, you’ll see that we are not appearing on this listing anymore
  • the main question is, on a case by case basis, if you have a lot of bounces or not. If you are affected by this, the best thing to do is to contact our support team:

I hope this helps!

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Yes there are thousands but spamhaus, spamcop and Barracuda Central are top and used by majority of ISP, Email hosting provider, and large companies. So it’s important to consider and acknowledge there BL service.
If I send a company a mail by using brevo and it blocked by spamcop, then that company just say I didn’t get your email, (why and how it didn’t come we don’t care, we know our spam protection is good)

Yes it removed but brevo ip’s are come back in there list frequently almost 3 times previous week. So it’s obvious that some one or group use brevo service to send spam emails. And I think it’s important to find them.

Thanks for advice I contact the support.

Yes it helps thanks @ahudavert sir.

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Hi @ahudavet,

Getting an issue today, and this was working yesterday, that all mail being sent from are failing when being delivered to multiple sites that I have that are hosted at inmotinhosting. IP reputation is Good, but like other addresses it is being tracked by SpamCop at the moment - confirmed with this afternoon.

They aren’t using spamcop there, and not sure for certain what they are? Do you have any ETA on a possible fix on this. According to the transactional log on my Brevo account, the emails will get a defer, and then a soft bounce. The end result is the email is not delivered.

Additionally, it seems to be anything with subdomain that I’m having problems with. Agree with other posters in this community: it would be nice if Brevo/SendInBlue could track down who the spammer is.

Thank you,