Can I add Kakaotalk/LINE somehow to my Livechat? an icon with link is enough

Can I add Kakaotalk/LINE somehow to my Livechat? an icon with link is enough.

I am using brevo with shopify. I want to offer my customers to communicate with me via Live Chat, messenger, insta, whatsapp, kakaotalk, LINE, Telegram, Viber

cuz I sell custom made items, it’s important to make the process as comfortable as possible for the user.

An icon with a deep link is already more than enough.
how can i add that to the floating bubble widget thing?

there’s a nice app like this, but using 2 widgets looks bad, bad UI UX Chaty: WhatsApp & Chat buttons - WhatsApp, Messenger, Line, 20+ chat buttons app for Shopify | Shopify App Store

Hi @bre , I don’t think we’re supporting kakaotalk right now, and I think we would need to work on this to add this integration.
Cc @qlambert

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Adding FAQ and custom chat apps (like LINE, Kakaotalk) would be really nice

literally every app offers this except brevo :frowning:
also it is very easy to implement. your devs can get it done within 10min of coding, cuz it is very easy. doesn’t even need any JS coding. simple HTML CSS edit

btw: from a sales perspective: brevo is losing out TONS of shopify customer, and is therefore losing out on money. your app has barely any reviews in the shopify store. you can polish up the app with amazing features that are easy to code. brevo is an AMAZING platform and you could make much more money with super little effort (literally 1 day of work. Code those easy neat features + Ask customers to rate your shopify app (and maybe offer some 10usd discount if they do so or smth. all the other CRM live chat apps use fake reviews anyway so its ok to do that i guess).

Hello @bre, thank you for your suggestion. Indeed as @ahudavert said, FAQ and Kakaotalk/LINE integration are not possible today. I will add this to our list of user requests.


Can I do it myself? is the widget code open source? Please give me the widget code. I will do it myself it’s only 5 minutes of work.

i don’t understand why you don’t want to do it LOL it’s really 5min but yea it’s your company your choice. but please give me the widget code so i can do it myself

We appreciate your interest but our widget is designed and maintained by our dedicated development team to ensure the highest level of security and functionality. We don’t currently support or allow modifications to the widget code by users. However, we’re always open to feedback and suggestions for new features or improvements.