Can I add FAQs somehow to the widget?

Hi, I’d like to add FAQs to the widget. is that somehow possible?

here an example

Hi @bre , I believe it is currently not possible, unfortunately.
cc @qlambert

can i somehow edit the script of the widget and tweak it to include the FAQ?
cuz many chat widgets from other providers offer this FAQ thing which is very important for my business.

Since i use brevo for everything it would be kinda stupid to stop using brevo’s widget & live chat capability, and use the one of someone else…

Adding FAQ and custom chat apps (like LINE, Kakaotalk) would be really nice

Hello @bre, as explained in another thread, we are not offering a FAQ for the chat widget today. I’ve added your suggestion to our user request list. Changing the script will not help you achieve your goal. However, like many of our users, you can use our chatbot scenarios as FAQs.