Can I automatically update Segments or Filter Contact send to me via API?


I try to accomplish something, but I did not know how.

I have a E-Commerce Shop (JTL) and that has a BRevo Plugin. Unfortunelly, it did not have much options. The Shop can send new Contacts to one or more Brevo Lists.

In my case I want the Shop User send to List 1 and the User that optional agree during the Signup/Order Process to signup for a Newsletter to List 2. Sadly, the Shop Plugin cannot seperate it.

It send the Shop User to Brevo, but I have an additional Field « Newsletter » what is send to YES in case the User want the Newsletter.

Of cource, I can each time now create a Segment when I want to send a Newsletter, but I am afraid when a User click on the E-Mail Newsletter « unsubscribe » he will be unsubscribed as Contact. But even when someone unsubscribe from a Newsletter, he should still get Mails to the Shopusers and visa versa.

So, the question is the following:

Can I setup an automatic process that automatically sync List 1 to a List 2 based on a Filter (NEWSLETTER=YES)


As the Shop Plugin can send the same Data to List 1 and 2, can I setup a List with a Condition that only Contact that are transfered via the API that meet a critereria (here: (NEWSLETTER=YES)) accept and ignore all others?

I searched the Documentation and looked around in the Backend, but it seems that is something I cannot do. Or did I oversee something?