Need help with automation on existing list of contacts

Hi there,

I am trying to setup and trigger an automation sequence on existing contacts in a list. I don’t want to create a fresh list and add fresh contacts to trigger the automation. Is there a way that we can do that? Please help.


Hi @skhadilkar , thanks for posting on this community!

What you can do:

What it will do:

  • at the specified frequency it will check which contacts correspond to this filter
  • to the ones that correspond to the filter, it will apply the desired actions

Could this be a solution?

It is probably the only solution that will work, right?

I’m new to Brevo (not email marketing) and I’m massively confused with the concepts. What is the goal of not allowing existing contacts that are added to another list to start another automation?

Or if you want to keep this feature, maybe let us admins select contacts and start a workflow for them immediately via button in the contacts menu?

I would have never come up with your provided solution on my own. This is so complicated and not intuitive at all.

@shortcut0047 you’re absolutely right: the best would be to let our customers manually start workflows for specific contacts. I think this is something that we’re currently working on, indeed